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Fillings are a common dental procedure performed to restore strength, appearance, and function to a tooth that has been weakened due to dental decay. The goal is to detect decay in the earliest stages, to prevent further tooth destruction, which could necessitate more extensive dental treatment.

Composite Fillings

Composite fillings are a natural, tooth colored material that can be placed in both front and back teeth. Composite materials have been engineered to provide the strength necessary to withstand chewing forces while also maintaining the look and feel of natural tooth structures. Our dentists use a composite filling restorative material that contains 30-50% less resin than many other composite brands. This composite material tests high for biocompatibility among patients and does not contain any Bisphenol A or B (BPA/BPB).

Porcelain Restorations

Porcelain restorations are optimal to repair teeth that have sustained significant loss of tooth structure because of the inherent strength and longevity of the materials. This is because porcelain restorations are dramatically less effected by factors that influence longevity of both amalgams and composite fillings such as restorative technique, filling size, your body chemistry, and your nutritional intake. Porcelain restorations (inlays, onlays, and crowns) have been known to easily last 12-15 years or longer.



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Advantages of non-BPA fillings

Any dental material made with BisGMA may contain trace amounts of Bisphenol A. Some companies strive to produce significantly less toxic materials. VOCO ( brand restorative materials contain 30-50% less resin than many other composite brands, proportionately reducing potential presence of trace amounts of bisphenols. Furthermore, VOCO does not add Bisphenol A or B to its composites. Because less resin is present in its products, VOCO tests high for biocompatibility (Clifford Labs:, and Scientific Health Solutions classifies VOCO products (Admira, Grandio, etc.) in the Least Reactive Components category for dental restorative materials. Our doctors use VOCO and other brands similar to VOCO that are non-BPA filling materials.

High-Quality Porcelain Restorations

We offer both in office, CAD/CAM porcelain restorations as well as lab-processed porcelain restorations. We want the best outcome for all our patients and therefore make a determination with the patient, exactly which option is most appropriate, based upon your specific circumstances. We have implemented a state-of-the-art dental CAD/CAM imaging and porcelain milling technology to fabricate top quality porcelain restorations in the office, while you wait. When an outside laboratory is appropriate, we work with the highest quality dental labs for our porcelain restorations. The procedure involves two appointments, and of course we maximize your time in our chair by offering other procedures that might be in your treatment plan.

Words From Our Patients


I had a filling done and everything went fine. Dr Hallinan and Nicole were excellent with me and helped me get through it. Thank you ladies!

Judith M.

This treatment required the filling of a difficult cavity. It took a long time,but was very successful. A second visit to finalize the surface made the treatment a complete success. Thanks for the dedication!

Stephen J.

This is always a pleasant experience, definitely not my childhood experiences. They make you feel comfortable. No anxiety or pain.


Linda E.

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